Couponing in Canada!

Since I’ve been kicking bum in all the other domesticated areas, I thought I’d also start looking into couponing!  My sister inspired this after seeing a documentary (or maybe it was just a show?) on couponing (thank you A&E!) so I decided to look into it and see just how much I could save through the art of couponing.

First things first, I hit up Facebook and Twitter to find out what the best sites were for coupons.  Here is a list of resources (I will update this list as I receive more great sites):

Here is a list of other great coupon sites:

Here is a list of PRINTABLE coupons:

Here is a list of freebies that you can register for:

Also, if you have a new baby, call the Johnson’s Baby hotline, let them know that you are expecting or have recently given birth.  They will send you a free product coupon that you can use on any item!  Plus, you can call once per month to get other coupons sent to you as well!

  • Just call 1-866-565-2229

You can also take part in some of the team buy websites where a different offer is made each day.  As long as the offer meets a certain criteria (generally the number of buyers), you can save anywhere from 40-60% off of that item!

A few of my favorite “deal” websites:

Another great way to save money is on points cards.  They are free to register for and you can accumulate points toward discounts, freebies, etc.  Here are some of the points cards that I recommend you register for:

  • Shoppers Optimum (Shoppers Drug Mart)
  • Best Buy Rewards
  • Air Miles
  • Scene (Famous Players movie points card)
  • AMC Moviewatcher

So, help me out coupon lovers!  What are your favorite coupon or bargain sites?  What are your favorite points cards?  Leave it in the comments below and I’ll add them to this list :)

  • Thegirlsfromshophaven

    Thanks for this post. I am constantly looking for coupons and have a hard time finding a really good site.

    • Erin Blaskie

      You are very welcome!

    • Erin Blaskie

      You are very welcome!

      • Macster1996

        I am having a hard time finding that thread on smart canucks …….can you help please :)

  • dawn

    Here is a site you might like: Frugal

    • Erin Blaskie

      Thanks Dawn!

  • Crystal

    Well I have to say I love my PC Mastercard haha! You get 10pts for every $ spent ANYWHERE…and for every 20,000pts (which is easy to accumulate) you get $20 free stuff….cltohes, food – whatever they have at No Frills, Independent etc So I always use my MC then pay it off as soon as I get home to get the pts…LOVE IT! I have had over 500,000 pts that I have cashed out on!

    • Erin Blaskie

      Holy toledo! 500K points?! That is incredible!!

    • Erin Blaskie

      Holy toledo! 500K points?! That is incredible!!

  • Marianne compiles a list of a whole pile of great deals. They sometimes have links to coupons too…

    • Erin Blaskie

      Nice! Thanks for the resource :)

  • Daisy_gyrrl

    Ottawa daily deals, I have them emailed to me everyday. &

    • Erin Blaskie

      Sweet! Thanks for the resource :)

    • Erin Blaskie

      Sweet! Thanks for the resource :)

  • Sandy is another group one

    • Erin Blaskie

      Thanks Sandy!

  • Sandy

    Hey Erin just thought I’d mention the pampers points on Not sure it’s useful to you, but I’ve been collecting pins from our diapers and wipes for 3 years. Just used some points to purchase a toy for my Newborn.

  • groceryalerts


    I run a fabulous coupon website,

    We post the top grocery coupons daily and showcase where to use these coupons with existing sales to make mega-sales!

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  • Darlene

    I watch Extreme Couponing on TV but it is an American show. Is there any store in Canada that will double the value of your coupon? Or has double coupon days?

  • Collin

    I dont get it..

    Why wait for a deal…. When you can save everyday with the Key to the City savings card… lol

    Let me introduce you to a little secret of mine !

    Key to the City is a loyalty savings program that allows a cardholder to save money by simply showing his card at any of the participating merchants. These savings are unlimited! You can redeem savings at any merchant as many times as you like, there are no limits to the amount of times you may use your saving card.

    So for anyone who is really serious about saving money, Check this out !

    ALSO be sure Enter the following fundraising Code: 2568 when registering for the program !


  • Meagan55

     thanks for the info!! I thought I would take a shot at this couponing craze to see I will actually save money…….Question,  If a coupon says “not valid in conjunction with other offers, promotions or discounts” can you still use it if that item goes on sale?? 

  • heather

    I recently started couponing in Vancouver BC & have found that the best deals are usually the buy one get one free coupons. I find the coupons & then figure out where the sales on the items I want are & use the coupons against already marked down items. There aren’t very many coupons out there that can be used on multiple items & they usually don’t allow more than 1 coupon for each item per purchase. I havent tried yet but I heard that the Sunday Sun & Province have lots of coupons as well. Save on Foods is usually really great for coupons as well.   

  • Teresa_652

    Nestle baby is another side that gives aways free stuff.  I sent them a copy of my ultrasound since I was expecting twins and they doubled the order. 

  • Coupon-mama88

    Thanks So Much……This Is A Great Site!!!

  • Jessica

    I was watching a video online about how you coupon, and you mentioned to look for flyer info. I can’t seem to find it. Can you post the web addy?


  • Tara

    Can u use a coupon on a sale item if the coupon says not valid in conjunction with other offers, promotions or discounts???

  • Julie

    Here’s a great site I’ve come across for couponing: There’s a few good blogs out there that help you figure out where to buy things.

  • thegoodguy

    nice sites, but for Canada you can use they have some Canadian online stoes

  • Coupons Canada


    I’d love for you to check our my blog: Coupons Canada

    We feature current money-saving coupons that help Canadians save money on everyday items and learn extreme couponing, Canadian style!

    Check it out here:

    Thanks for the helpful resource list!

    Happy Savings!

  • twinkster
  • Tara Anderson

    another great site for coupons and store match ups is I have been using this one for a few months and love it! I love your pics! Beautiful!

  • Alexandra Marra

    I am very new.. so I hope Iwill stick to it..

  • printable pampers coupons

    well they can be of great help to a lot of people.

  • Ray @ Sonicare Rebate

    Great post some of these sites I’ve never seen before I’ll check them out. If anyone is in the market for a electric toothbrush check out There is a $10 rebate you can print off. I’m also gonna have a free sonicare giveaway starting November 1st

    Anyone else got anymore lets keep them coming

    • Emajj3

      Your coupons don’t work in Canada, do they?  I’ve also tried looking for your rebate form and it’s nowhere to be seen.

  • Lili Marchand

    For Québec… we are different even in couponing…

  • Beth Neville

    Are the no name products cheaper then using coupons

  • Marcus

    I have used Groupon both as a consumer and as a business owner, and I can personally vouch for the amazing service they offer. It’s great for us consumers, as well as business owners trying to get the word out to the community that they’re new and ready to serve! I’m not too sure if Canada has a Living Social option yet, but they offer very similar discounts for consumers, but with less of a cut taken from the business owners, so it definitely helps the business owners a lot!

  • Tracy H

    Great site! You seem to have covered all the bases as far as where to go for couponing help. I have a local blog about couponing in Niagara Falls/Niagara Region, Ontario. I use many of the sites you have listed and I have had great success.