Easy Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Super simple to make!

I used 1 pork tenderloin cut in half (cut the other one in half too but froze for later). It’s just the two of us so I portion out all of our meat.

You will need Italian seasoned breadcrumbs or, you can do like I do and buy the whole wheat bread crumbs and season them myself with Garlic Plus and Italian seasoning. It is 2 cups of bread crumbs for TWO pieces so I just use 1 cup.

You will also need olive oil. I use extra virgin.

Defrost your pork (or cook after purchasing it). Then, in a bowl, add your bread crumbs. In a shallow bowl, add some olive oil. Use less to start and add as needed.

Preheat oven to 425.

Take your pork, roll it around in the olive oil and then in the bread crumbs, coating it well. Make sure there is no pink and try to get a nice, thick coating on the meat – about 1/3 of an inch thick.

Bake meat on a shallow cookie sheet for about 35 minutes making sure that there is no pink left when the pork is cut.

Remove from oven and let stand for 10 minutes before cutting it into medallions. (Slice into evenly cut pieces.)


  • Jess

    This post was fate! In the morning (before I received this in my inbox) of the 6th I pulled out pork without really knowing what I was going to do with it. Than I check my inbox to find your post :) This was super easy and a huge hit with the family! Will make again and again I’m sure.